Welcome to the myName Platform!

At Grand Valley State University we recognize that an individual may wish to be identified by a professional, personal, preferred, display or use name without making an official legal name change.  Students, faculty, and staff may use the myName process to update Banner and some related systems with such a name. The myName process allows students, faculty, and staff to have the chosen name appear anywhere a legal name is not required. 

Requesting a myName

This video provides step-by-step instructions on how to request a myName.

For more information, read GVSU’s Affirmation of Gender Identity and Expression Inclusion

Please note: myName is different from the University’s Name Change process, which deals with official/legal name changes via the Social Security Administration. 


Direct questions about myName as well as the legal name change process should be directed to one of the following: 


Page last modified August 31, 2022