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Introducing Single Sign On

It is now possible to login to Banner Self-Service using your GVSU network ID and password. While transitioning to the Single Sign On to Banner, access will still be provided using your G-Number. Please select how you would like to login.

Login to Banner Self-Service using Network ID
Log in to Banner Self-Service using GVSU Network ID and password.

Login to Banner Self-Service using G-Number
Log in to Banner Self-Service using GVSU G-Number and Banner Self-Service password.

Introducing a new secure payment method

GVSU Student Account Payments Now Available in Guardian/Family Access. You are able to grant proxy access to make secure payments, view grades and tax information, and other options through Guardian/Family Access.

If someone other than you typically makes a payment on your student account, we highly recommend you set up proxy access so they can make a payment with their own login and password.

You are able to modify authorizations, reset the proxy's password, and set date ranges that the authorizations are active. You can view a quick tutorial on how to create a proxy. Please visit our Guardian/Family Access page for more information.


This message is to make you aware of three student-targeted scams.

  1. A student receives a fraudulent phone call claiming money was owed to the University. The caller demands that the student wire the money directly to an account.
  2. A person receives a fraudulent email that looks like it comes from a University official. The email offers a scholarship if they wire money to get the process started.
  3. A student receives a text/email from stating that there is a payment due and the student needs to click on an attachment. DO NOT click on the attachment. Student Accounts will never send you an email asking you to click on something.

Please be very careful with your GNumber, Network ID and password if you are not dealing directly with GVSU. Also be very careful at all times about any request for you to directly wire money.

If you experience a fraudulent phone call or email, please notify the Student Accounts Office at or 616-331-2209.