Honors Move-In and Welcome Days

Professor Fitzpatrick addressing Welcome Days crowd

Honors Move-In

The official move-in date for all Honors students living on campus is Sunday, August 22. This applies equally to students living in Honors and non-Honors housing. Some students--those in marching band, for example--may move in even earlier, but we want all first-year Honors students, in particular, to be available for Welcome Days activities beginning Monday, August 23.

If you have questions about your move-in date, please call Housing at (616) 331-2120 or Honors at (616) 331-3219.


Welcome Days

This year, Welcome Days activities run from Monday, August 23, to Wednesday, August 25. The university-wide Transitions schedule begins Wednesday night and runs through Friday.

Monday, 8/23:

  • Welcome Address at 10:00 a.m. in the Niemeyer Amphitheater
  • Mentor-sponsored activities for the rest of the day

Tuesday, 8/24:

  • Information and Get-to-Know-You Sessions, including lunch, 11:00-2:30
  • Mentor-sponsored activities for the rest of the day

Wednesday, 8/25:

  • Group photo at noon (location TBA)
  • Sequence Meet-Ups at 1:30 in and around Niemeyer
  • Ice cream and mingling from 2:00-3:00

Lost? Confused? Have a question? Please call Honors at (616) 331-3219 or stop by 120 Niemeyer LLC!

Scavenger Hunt small group, 2019