First-Year Writing Overview

The Department of Writing is the home of the GVSU's First-Year Writing Program, including WRT 098: Writing with a Purpose and WRT 150: Strategies in Writing. Successful completion of WRT 150 with a C or better satisfies the GVSU General Education requirement for Writing.

Although WRT 098 and WRT 150 are different courses with unique learning objectives, here are some common experiences you can expect to have in any first-year writing course at GVSU:

  • Learning about and practicing strategies for the different stages of the writing process--prewriting, drafting, revising, and editing,
  • Researching and writing about topics that are interesting to you and other college-level readers,
  • Considering how the choices you make as a writer influence readers, 
  • Collaborating with classmates and your instructor to strengthen your writing skills,
  • Incorporating feedback from your classmates, instructor, and writing center consultants to improve your final written product.

These learning experiences ensure that our first-year writing courses support your growth and development as a writer, building on the writing skills you already have to prepare you for the work you will do throughout the rest of your college career and your life beyond GVSU.


Page last modified August 3, 2017