10 Effective Practices for Digital Teaching

Tip 6: Early in the Semester - Ask for Feedback

Midterm surveys or just informal discussions asking students to provide feedback on what is working well in a course can provide critical insight on what’s really happening and what changes can be made to the course before it’s too late. Check in with your students and ask them how things are going!


How do you do this?

Sample Mid-Semester Survey Questions

  • It was easy for me to navigate through course content.
  • I felt that content was presented using a variety of media (e.g., text, visual, audio) that were appropriate to the learning goals and subject.
  • I found that the instructional strategies (course activities, types of content presented, etc.) helped me reach course goals and objectives. 
  • It was clear to me how I was to use course content to achieve the stated learning outcomes.
  • The tools available within Blackboard were used in ways that enhanced my learning.
  • My instructor took an active role in facilitating and moderating discussions, including providing feedback to students.
Examples for Faculty

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