Graduate Programs

Program Advising

Students planning to take graduate courses for a masters degree, professional certificate, administrator certificate, license, or endorsement should meet with an academic advisor for a planned program. To schedule an appointment, contact the College of Education Student Information and Services Center (SISC) at (616) 331-6650 or

To obtain a M.Ed., students must successfully complete the university requirements for a graduate degree, the College of Education's foundations requirements, and the requirements in one emphasis area under a degree program (educational technology, higher education, instruction and curriculum, educational leadership, literacy studies, school counseling or special education).

Graduate Degree Programs



Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Leadership,
emphasis in Educational Leadership

Rick Vandermolen, Ed.D.
(616) 331-6272

Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Leadership,
emphasis in Special Education Administration

Cindi Smith, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6604

Education (M.Ed.) - Educational Technology

  • Traditional/Hybrid Educational Technology M.Ed. Program
  • Online M.Ed. in Educational Technology 

Andrew Topper, Ph.D.
(616) 331-7273

Education (M.Ed.) - Higher Education

  • Adult and Higher Education
  • College Student Affairs Leadership

Karyn Rabourn, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6591

Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum, 
emphasis in Early Childhood Education (ZS)

Linda Pickett, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6663

Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum, 
emphasis in Educational Differentiation

Kelly Margot, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6247

Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum, 
emphasis Elementary Education

Ellen Schiller, Ph.D.
(616) 331-7126

Education (M.Ed.) - Instruction & Curriculum, 
emphasis in Secondary Education

Doug Busman, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6831

Education (M.Ed.) - Literacy Studies,
emphasis in Reading/Language Arts

Elizabeth Stolle, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6242

Education (M.Ed.) - Literacy Studies,
emphasis in TESOL: Teaching English
to Speakers of Other Languages

Rui Niu-Cooper, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6669

Education (M.Ed.) - School Counseling

Judy Stearns Williams
(616) 331-6492

Education (M.Ed.) - Special Education

  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Emotional Impairment
  • Learning Disabilities

Amy Schelling, Ed.D.
(616) 331-6243

Educational Specialist in Leadership (Ed.S.)

Gregory Warsen, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6209

EMU/GVSU Doctoral Program
in Educational Leadership (Ph.D.)

Gregory Warsen, Ph.D.
(616) 331-6209

Graduate Certificates and Endorsements

The College of Education offers endorsements at the graduate level for students who already hold a Michigan Teaching Certificate. See PDF links below for the Planned Programs and the College of Education Course List page for full course descriptions. 

PDF Instructions:

To view the PDF Planned Program sheets, you will need to use Adobe Reader (using Adobe Reader prevents tab order errors and other inconveniences present in browser-based PDF readers).

Certificates in Educational Leadership

Endorsements in Instruction and Curriculum

Endorsements in Literacy Studies

Endorsements in Special Education

Additional Endorsements

For additional content area endorsements that may be added to a current teaching certificate, visit the CLAS Academic Advising Center's Endorsements page.

Graduate Certificates (non-teaching)

Completion of a graduate certificate does not result in teaching certification or lead to an additional endorsement for students who already hold a Michigan Teaching Certificate.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Grand Valley State University provides an environment that allows students to successfully complete their education and obtain thriving careers. The gainful employment regulation requires certificate programs to meet minimum thresholds with respect to the dept-to-income rates of their graduates. GVSU is engaged with the community to prepare the students for real-life experiences, which allow for gainful employment. 

Click here to read more about the Gainful Employment Disclosure information. 

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