Parallel Planning

Some majors at GVSU require you to apply to the program itself; this is called a secondary admit program. These majors may require a certain GPA, or may accept a limited number of students and thus have a competitive application process. Parallel plans create options in the event that an application is not accepted or the student decides to choose a different career path.

When Should I Create A Parallel Plan?

If you are a GVSU student applying to secondary admit programs you should be meeting with one of our career counselors to parallel plan. We recommend developing a parallel plan as early as possible when pursuing these majors.

Programs you should be creating a parallel plan for include:

  • Nursing
  • Radiologic Imaging Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Education
  • Graduate school

How Will Parallel Planning Help Me?

Parallel planning appointments can help you:

  • Set up an alternative academic and career plan
  • Learn about your academic and career options
  • Assist you with career exploration
  • Learn what careers you can pursue with the various majors
  • Help with decision making and career preparation
  • Connect you to on and off campus resources to assist with their career planning

Schedule a parallel planning appointment through Handshake (select Appointments under the Career Center tab on the top toolbar), or by calling (616) 331-3311.

Page last modified August 23, 2022