Faculty Websites

Bopi Biddanda
Microbial Ecology and Carbon Cycle

Amanda Buday
Conservation Social Science
Affiliate Faculty: GVSU Sociology Department

Christina Catanese
Education and Outreach

Sarah Hamsher

Mark Luttenton
Aquatic Ecology

Jim McNair
Ecological Modeling and Theoretical Ecology

Ryan Otter
Restoration, Pathogens, and Food Web Contaminants

Charlyn Partridge
Molecular Ecology

Carl Ruetz
Fisheries Ecology and Management, Stream Ecology

Al Steinman
Aquatic Ecology

Kevin Strychar
Studies of Climate Change, Freshwater, & Marine Ecosystems

Sean Woznicki
Watershed Hydrology and Geospatial Analytics

Retired Faculty

Rick Rediske
Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

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