Graduate Studies

Master of Science in Biology - Aquatic Sciences Emphasis

Students interested in pursuing an aquatic sciences emphasis within the Master of Science in Biology degree program at Grand Valley State University may do so at the Annis Water Resources Institute. AWRI provides graduate students with unique opportunities for research in aquatic sciences. Students can select a faculty member at AWRI as their major advisor or as committee members for their thesis research in the aquatic sciences. The collaborative spirit among the diverse faculty at AWRI stimulates student learning, promotes an interdisciplinary research environment, and promises a rewarding graduate experience.

Master of Science in Water Resource Policy

There is increasing pressure on water resources across the nation and the world due to increasing human population, failing infrastructure, and climate change. Water resource policy professionals will be needed to balance the need for fresh water in both urban and rural spaces, as well as in developed and developing countries. The Master of Science in Water Resource Policy degree program is designed to provide students with a breadth and depth of knowledge relevant to issues related to water resource. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the graduate program director for more details.

Page last modified March 15, 2022