AWRI is located on Muskegon Lake in Muskegon, MI. Three buildings support AWRI's research, education, and outreach activities.

Lake Michigan Center

Robert B. Annis Field Station

Boat house

The Lake Michigan Center (LMC) is the central building at AWRI. Built in 2001, the LMC hosts 2 classrooms, conference areas, 5 research labs, faculty and staff offices, and research vessel dockage. Floor plan maps of the Lake Michigan Center can be found here.


Built in 2013, the Robert B. Annis Field Station is a 14,700 sq. ft. LEED-designed building that houses 3 research laboratories, a mesocosm facility, faculty and graduate student offices, conference rooms, and storage for field equipment. Floor plan maps of the Field Station can be found here.

Our green-designed boat house was built in 2008 to provide ship support and small boat storage, with sustainability features such as a green roof, rain garden, and natural lighting.

W.G. Jackson

W.G. Jackson



AWRI also operates 2 research vessels: the D.J. Angus, docked in Grand Haven, MI, and the W.G. Jackson, docked at AWRI.

D.J. Angus

D.J. Angus

AWRI promotes collaborative research and educational programming. We offer research space and equipment, as well as ship support facilities, to advance such collaborative efforts.