Jewelry and Metalsmithing - Careers + Alumni

Graduates of the Studio Art – Jewelry and Metals program possess knowledge, experience, and unique skills that are highly desirable and transferable, enabling them to seek employment in career fields both within and outside of the fine arts. Art degrees can lead to future work opportunities in a gallery, non-profit cultural organization, or museum.

Career Information

Studio Art majors develop careers as an independent artist or designer, can work in galleries, arts organizations, and museums, pursue graduate work and/or university teaching. Below is a list of possible career opportunities for Studio Art majors:

  • Freelance artist/ entrepreneur
  • Ceramist
  • Jewelry designer
  • Metalsmith/goldsmith
  • Painter (portrait artist)/ mural artist
  • Printmaker/screen printer
  • Sculptor/ digital 3D modeler
  • Graphic Designer
  • Logo & Branding Designer
  • Freelance illustrator
  • Time-based artist
  • Gallery owner/assistant/ director/ curator
  • Exhibition planner/ coordinator
  • Prop designer/ fabricator
  • Window Display Designer
  • Pattern Designer (wallpapers, carpets, etc.)
  • Concept Artist
  • User Interface Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Cartoonist/ graphic novelist
  • Community-based artist

GVSU Career Center

Career Services at Grand Valley State University provides students with resources to choose their individual career path. They also offer frequent workshops and programs to help majors in all fields to prepare for life after graduation. Visit Career Services

Jewelry and Metalsmithing Alumni

  • Peter Antor, MFA, Jewelry Metalsmithing Edinboro University,
  • David Huang, Independent Metalsmith,
  • Abbey Hunter Blodgett, Full-time Welder at Founders Brewery Founder of Hot Spot, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Jessica Scimeca, Dental Lab Technician, Davis Dental Lab, Wyoming, MI
  • Alec Zielinski, Bench Jeweler, Jensen’s Jewelers, Hudsonville, MI


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