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The textbook INTRODUCTORY APPLIED STATISTICS: A VARIABLE APPROACH BY  JOHN GABROSEK AND PAUL STEPHENSON has an accompanying website (includes data sets used in the text and an SPSS manual). The main delivery of the textbook is via the web. The textbook is housed at Introductory Applied Statistics. If you need technical assistance with the digital version of the reader please visit Redshelf for a list of frequently asked questions or visit for immediate assistance).

  • SPSS License Renewal
  • A free online/app tool Desmos. Investigate this at Desmos 
  • Tutoring is available at  Statistics (Tutoring) Center - The Center website is Statistics Tutoring Center
  • Shiny Applets – Dan Adrian has created a suite of applets for investigating STA 215 concepts.  The website is STA215 Applets
  • Bergakker! – Becky has developed short lecture videos and BB online homework problems.  The website for the videos is STA215Becky
  • Jackson Fox!! – Jackson also has a series of videos related to STA 215.  The website is STA215Fox
  • Big Data -David Zeitler put together a nice website with Big Data datasets. The website is BigDataRepository
  • Many data collection activities faculty have done are on the Statistics Experimentation Lab (SEL) website SEL

Other Computing Resources

Information resources

American Statistical Association

American Statistical Association

ASA Student Membership is only $15 & Student Members receive:

  • A subscription to Amstat News and STATS: The Magazine for Students of Statistics
  • Discounts on all ASA publications, journals, meetings, and products
  • Access to the ASA JOBWEB & discounted registration for the annual JSM & the JSM Career Placement Service
  • Free online access to the Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, The American Statistician, and the Current Index to Statistics
  • Networking opportunities to increase their knowledge and start planning for their future

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