Closed Class Permit Requests Office Procedures

Department of Statistics – STA 215 Closed Class Permit Request Policy


We do not consider closed class permit requests until staffing for the semester is finalized - this is usually about 2 weeks prior to the start of the semester.  Students should be told to check banner daily for openings in a section that will fit into their schedule.  Students should keep in mind that many section are unable to grant closed class permits due to the limited number of seats in the computer lab.


If a student has extenuating circumstances (i.e. needs the course to graduate) they should contact Kay Hart via email ([email protected]) or phone 331-3355.


We do not grant closed class permits for students who are already enrolled in another section of STA 215 (and we do check, not only their current registration but their registration history).  If they feel they have extenuating circumstances, they can contact me and I will email them the appropriate paperwork to fill out.


Page last modified November 19, 2018