STA 215 plays an important role in helping GV students develop their ability to reason and solve problems with quantitative information and become quantitatively literate. The rapid advances in technologies have made it easier to collect and store extremely large amounts of data.


The textbook INTRODUCTORY APPLIED STATISTICS: A VARIABLE APPROACH BY  JOHN GABROSEK AND PAUL STEPHENSON has an accompanying website (includes data sets used in the text and an SPSS manual). The main delivery of the textbook is via the web. The textbook is housed at Introductory Applied Statistics. If you need technical assistance with the digital version of the reader please visit Redshelf for a list of frequently asked questions or visit for immediate assistance).

GVSU Qualtrics Survey Software

GVSU Qualtrics Survey Software Information is available to all GVSU faculty/staff/students as a site license, centrally funded. Qualtrics is a web-based survey creation, collection, and analysis software tool. Can be used for the creation of open surveys, targeted (panel) surveys, and open polling.

  • Short anonymous survey, click GettingtoKnowtheClass_STA215. This data is being collected to learn more about you and your classmates and to form a database for the class to analyze.
  • To download survey data from a survey in which you are a collaborator or to design your own survey for free, click GVSU Qualtrics Survey Software Login

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