MSW / MPA Program

General Information

The GVSU College of Education and Community Innovation, through its Schools of Social Work (SSW) and School of Community Leadership and Development (SCLD), offer prospective students the option to receive both graduate degrees (MSW and MPA) offered by these units. 

The MSW / MPA option entails taking coursework in the two disciplines in order to be well prepared to seek middle- and upper-level management positions in either public or private human service organizations.   This opportunity is designed for those who wish to combine the knowledge, skills and values of the social work profession with the advanced administrative and technical expertise developed through the study of public administration to become leaders in their organizations and their communities.

Students typically complete the MSW degree first, following the negotiated curriculum. While in the MSW program students apply to the MPA program. The SCLD accepts a couple of our macro practice classes towards the MPA degree so that students complete a reduced number of credits. Students then earn the MPA as a second degree. Students who have already graduated with an MSW or MPA degree are not eligible for this option, but may pursue an additional second degree in the other discipline.

Application Procedure

Students must be admitted to both the MSW and MPA programs. Generally, students begin with the MSW application. Students interested in pursuing both degrees should request that the School of Social Work assign them to the faculty advisor for the MSW/MPA program. The MPA application must also be completed, including transcript, letters of reference, and resume.  A cover letter to the School of Community Leadership and Development (SCLD) detailing the request for admission to the MSW/MPA program, the MPA Basic Application and the specific essay material required by the MPA program are required for admissions consideration. Please note, once admitted, Dr. Leon advises for the MSW coursework and Dr. Wooddell advises for the MPA coursework.

Student Resources

M.S.W. / M.P.A. Frequently Asked Questions

M.S.W. Degree Requirements/Study Plan, with Second degree M.P.A.  (8/24/2020)

For additional information, please contact the respective faculty advisor for the M.S.W./M.P.A. Degree Program


School of Social Work Advisor

Dr. Jamie Langlois
389C DeVos Center
[email protected]
(616) 331-6586

SCLD Advisor

Michelle Wooddell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
244C DeVos Center
[email protected]
(616) 331-6495

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