Field Supervisors and Liaison Resources

We are very appreciative of the human service agencies wishing to host GVSU BSW and/or MSW student(s) for Field Education.  Through your mentoring, guidance, and supervision, our students graduate with valuable social work knowledge, skills, and values that are learned through Field Education.   Thank you for your dedication to shaping the next generation of social workers!

BSW Field Instructors and Liaisons

MSW Field Instructors and Liaisons

Prospective Field Placement Agencies

BSW Learning Contract

MSW Foundation Learning Contract

BSW Basic Agency Information

BSW Learning Contract Instructions

Field Education II and III Learning Contract

MSW Basic Agency Information

Field Supervisor Learning Contract Tutorial

Field Supervisor Learning Contract Tutorial

Field Education Placement Availability Survey

Field Placement Certification Form - BSW

Field Placement Certification Form - MSW

Frequently Asked Questions

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