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Mission Statement:
The Grand Valley State University Social Work Alumni Association endeavors to connect social work professionals to each other and the community through networking, professional development, advocacy, and volunteering opportunities.

(To enhance social work presence and reignite the passion for social justice)


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2017 - 2018 Executive Board

President - Amber Ravikumar, LLMSW ('14 and '16)
Vice President of Fundraising - Phill Capps, MSW and MPA ('16)
Vice President of Recruitment - Available
Vice President of Special and Social Events - Debbie Nelson, MSW ('16)
Vice President of Mentorship and Supervision - Available
Vice President of Marketing - Available
Secretary/Treasurer - Yesica Ramirez, BSW ('16)
BSW and MSW Student Liaison - Available

Why Give Back?

The School of Social Work has many scholarships that are funded by generous Alumni:

Ryan Short Memorial Scholarship - In Memory of a GVSU Freshman who was killed in a drunk driving accident. The scholarship provides assistance to MSW students who are pursuing a career in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education through the MSW program. 

School of Social Work Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to BSW and MSW students who are in the School of Social Work, who have excelled in their coursework and have financial needs.

Rodney Mulder Social Work Scholarship - Dr. Mulder was a long-standing professor and Dean of the School of Social Work at Grand Valley State University. This scholarship recognizes BSW and MSW students who demonstrate a commitment to volunteerism and community service.

Rodney and Lucarol Mulder Scholarship - Rod and Lu were lifelong advocates for inclusion, diversity, and social justice. This scholarship recognizes diversity across dimensions, for example, race and ethnicity, age, family structure, socio-economic status. The scholarship assists BSW and MSW students that have faced challenges with completing their education due to family commitments, lack of access, financial need, or systemic barriers.

McFadden International Child Welfare Scholarship - Emily Jean McFadden, a professor in the Grand Valley State University School of Social Work for thirteen years, established this scholarship with the intent of benefiting students who are pursuing a Master in Social Work degree and plan to work with children.

Social Work Minority Scholarship - Awarded to minority BSW and MSW students who have given back to their communities by advocating for social justice for minority populations.

RAM and USHA SINGH Scholarship - This scholarship was created in Dr. Ram Singh’s memory and in honor of his loving wife. This scholarship was established for international BSW and MSW students who are pursuing a degree in Social Work.

Douglas and Ellen Chung Asian Social Work Graduate Scholarship - Established by Douglas K. Chung to promote social work services in Asian countries and communities. Candidates must be Asians or Asian Americans. BSW and MSW can apply. 

Give Back


For full descriptions of the School of Social Work scholarships, please click here

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