BSW Admission and Academic Requirements

BSW Candidacy

The School's BSW Candidacy admission procedures are administered by its BSW Director and the assigned faculty. Social work majors are encouraged to work with the Advising Center to be sure that all academic requirements are in place for Candidacy. They are also referred to seek advice advisement from the BSW Program Director. Students apply online for candidacy and field placements for the BSW program.

1.     The complete "Application for Candidacy for the BSW Degree and Field Placement" are reviewed by the BSW Program Director and the BSW Committee. 
2.     The BSW Committee consists of assigned faculty with primary responsibility for BSW curriculum.  This group meets to review applications and information related to academic progress in coursework.
3.     The Committee may: 
          a.       award candidacy, or
          b.       award candidacy with condition(s), or
          c.       deny candidacy,
          d.       request additional information, or
          e.       require a personal interview.

4.     The BSW Program Director reports the Committee's decisions to the Director of the School of Social Work and seeks settlement of any disputes.
5.     Applicants are notified in writing of the Committee's decision.
6.     The applicant denied Candidacy may appeal to the Director of the School of Social Work.

Accepted applicants are regarded as candidates for the BSW degree, while those who were not accepted are referred for advisement and counseling. The Candidate for the BSW degree must maintain the 3.0 cumulative average in the social work courses.

To be eligible for Candidacy students must have:

1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (4.0 scale)
2. Completion of the following components of the general education curriculum:
    a. All Foundation Categories; except Mathematical Sciences
    b. Cultures Category: US Diversity
    c. Basic Skills Categories: WRT150
3. School of Social Work Pre-requisite Course Requirements
4. Earned a minimum grade of B- (2.7) and not have repeated the following courses more than once: SW 150, PLS 102; PSY 303; PSY or SOC 360; SOC 105 or SOC 252; SOC 313 or SW 300; SOC 315.

Please review the College of Community and Public Service Advising Center website by using this link: If you feel you are eligible to begin the program in the Fall of 2018, but have not yet applied, please contact Dr. Robin Smith Colton, BSW director, at , or CCPS Advising, at

BSW Candidacy Application

NASW Code of Ethics


Degree Requirements
The B.S.W. requires successful completion of 120 semester hours of college credit. The program is built on a foundation of liberal arts and 34 hours of required cognate courses and international courses. In addition, students must take 44 credit hours of coursework in the major, including the areas of human behavior and the social environment, social welfare policy and services, social research, integrated methods in social work practice, and the field practicum in social work. Students who wish to major in social work must apply for candidacy status at the end of their sophomore year and must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5. A minimum overall average of 3.0 in major courses is required for continuation in candidacy status.

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