School of Social Work Support Opportunities


The School of Social Work has long recognized the need for scholarships for social work students and has developed 6 different scholarships. For many years, faculty and staff have contributed to these funds in an effort to build them to a level where scholarships could be awarded.

Ryan Short Memorial Scholarship

The Ryan Short Scholarship was established by the family of Ryan Short, a GVSU student who was killed by a drunk driver. This MSW Scholarship is awarded annually to a Social Work student interested in working with substance abuse issues.

School of Social Work Scholarship Award

The School of Social Work Scholarship is awarded to a student who has excelled in her/his coursework and is in financial need.

Rod Mulder Scholarship

The Rod Mulder Scholarship is awarded based on volunteerism.  Students write an essay detailing their volunteer experiences and what it has meant to them.

Minority Student Scholarship

The Minority Student Scholarship is awarded to minority students who have given back to their communities by advocating for social justice for minority population.

Ram N. Singh Scholarship

The Ram N. Singh Scholarship is awarded in honor of the late Dr. Ram N. Singh. Dr. Singh was much beloved by all in the School of Social Work. In keeping with Dr. Singh's lifelong effort to mentor and help international students, this scholarship will be awarded to an MSW international student.

Asian Social Work Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded in honor of Dr. Douglas Chung, who exemplifies the spirit of community service through his work with the Asian Center of Grand Rapids.  MSW Candidates must be Asians or Asian Americans who commit to bring culturally  sensitive social work with the Advanced Generalist Model to their home countries around the Pacific Rim or to their Asian communities in the western world.


Graduate Assistantships

The School of Social Work is allotted a very limited amount of financial assistance to be directly distributed to students by the School. Such resources are allocated based primarily on the financial needs of the applicant.

Although the resource is extremely limited, we wish to provide the opportunity to apply to all students who believe they are in need of such assistance. A decision on your application will be made prior to the beginning of the academic year.

Applications become available to all degree seeking students in the Spring of each year.  Applications are sent to degree seeking students by email, or by clicking on the links below:




MPH Criteria

MPH Program Information

MPH Agreement Letter


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