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Click the links below corresponding to your major, or major of interest. You can visit the department website directly for information relevant to that specific program. The Major Guides provide requirements for each major in addition to recommendations and key items to note! 

School of Accounting

Learn The Language of Business

School of Accounting degree programs are designed to put you on a successful path to a solid and active accounting career. If you are interested in becoming a certified public accountant, tax accountant, general accountant, internal auditor or related position, take a look around and see how our top quality education programs can help you find the accountant within.

Accounting Department Website

Accounting Major Guide

How The World Works

Economics is all around you. The Economics degree programs can help you understand the impacts and driving forces behind local and global economies, letting you play an important role in how the world works. Our bachelor programs offer general emphasis in economics, or choose a more specialized path in Real Estate or Business Administration. Degrees in Economics are offered as Bachelor's of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor's of Arts/Science (B.A/B.S.). Please review the major guides below for their different requirements. 

Economics Department Website 

Economics Major Guide, BBA

Economics Major Guide, BA/BS

Get The Best Return on Your Investment

Effective management of finance is critical to the successful management of any business. It is a very interesting and dynamic field that affects all areas of business and many areas of personal life. Companies and organizations all around the globe need competent, innovative financial experts. Your Finance program will give you an understanding of financial definitions, concepts, relationships and strategies for both commercial and personal finance endeavors.

Seidman provides faculty and student access to WRDS, CRSP, Compustat, CapIQ and Eventus to support their finance -related research.

Finance Department Website 

Finance Major Guide

Business Is All Around

International business majors learn global business knowledge and foreign language skills in small classes from instructors who have global experience. They learn cross-cultural skills through study abroad and internship programs offered on six continents, and graduate in four years prepared to work for U.S. and international companies that do business everywhere.

International Business Website 

International Business Major Guide

Learn How Business is Done Around The World

With a management degree, students learn how to think critically, examine business practices and make improvements, create sustainable business programs, act ethically as a global citizen and shape a career as a respected business person. With courses in entrepreneurship, general management, general business, human resources management, operations management, supply chain management and information systems management (MIS), you will open the door to a world of business opportunities.

Management Department Website

Entrepreneurship Major Guide

General Management Major Guide       

General Business Major Guide   

Human Resources Management Major Guide 

Management Information Systems Major Guide                 

Operations Management Major Guide

Supply Chain Management Major Guide

Unlock the Door to How Consumers Buy and Sell

The essence of marketing is knowing what consumers want and finding ways to meet their needs. Your Marketing education will merge psychology, sociology, technology, anthropology and business principles to provide a solid understanding of how the world buys and sells. Marketing jobs are everywhere: nearly half the U.S. economy is involved in the marketing process. 

Marketing Department Website

Marketing Major Guide

Graduation Requirements

In addition to individual major requirements, all Seidman students must meet the following criteria to graduate: 

  • 120 credit hours 
  • 2.500 Overall GPA
  • 2.500 Seidman GPA
  • 2 Supplemental Writing Skills (SWS) Courses

It is recommended to apply for graduation the semester before you intend to officially graduate and complete your coursework. If you have questions on your timeline to graduation contact Seidman Undergraduate Programs at [email protected] or (616) 331-7500.

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