Welcome to the Seidman Economics Program

What an Economics Degree Offers

A degree in economics opens the door to opportunities in the private and public sector and can help you understand the impacts and driving forces behind local and global economies, giving you the ability to play an important role in how the world works. Our bachelor programs offer general emphasis in economics, or you can choose a more specialized path in Real Estate or Business Administration.

An Economics Minor also is offered to all students outside of the economics degree programs. Additionally, we also offer a Real Estate emphasis and Honors Economics emphasis. 


Student Learning Outcomes Careers in Economics  

Degree programs combining core business philosophies with expertise in the field of economics

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Economics-oriented student organizations created to facilitate personal growth and social involvement

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Active on-campus recruitment for both internships and full-time positions

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Why Study Economics at GVSU?

Brody Cragg Laker Effect

  • Highly engaged faculty who are committed to student success
  • On-campus recruitment by major corporations
  • A substantial internship recruiting process with more than 600 on-campus interviews annually

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