Business Minors

Interested in learning more about the minors available at the Seidman College of Business at GVSU? Check out the information below for minor descriptions and required courses. Minor courses cannot be taken credit/no credit.  Students must achieve a 2.500 minimum GPA in minor courses.

Accounting Minor
The undergraduate accounting minor program is open to all students except accounting majors. The minor complements major fields of study in other departments or schools and enables students to choose a concentration of courses in a particular area of accounting such as financial, managerial and tax. Only upper-division accounting courses in which the student has earned a "C-" or better may be used to satisfy requirements for the accounting minor. 

Required Courses:        Prerequisites:
ACC 212                              
ACC 213                           ACC 212
and a minimum of 12 hours of accounting work chosen from ACC 308-499 *Junior Standing


Business Minor
The undergraduate minor program in business administration is designed for non-business majors. It is designed to complement major fields of study in other departments or schools. Transfer students must complete a minimum of six hours at GVSU for the minor.

Required Courses:            Prerequisites:
BUS      201                             
ACC      212                             
ACC      213                      ACC 212
MGT     331                      Junior standing
  *MGT 300  will substitute for MGT 331 requirement                    
MKT     350                      Junior standing
  *MKT 300 will substitute for MKT 350 requirement
FIN       320                     Junior standing, MTH 110, ACC 212
  *FIN 300 will substitute for FIN 320 requirement

*Please keep in mind that if MGT 331, MKT 350, or FIN 320 are courses required for your major that MGT 300, MKT 300, or FIN 300 may not suffice in fulfilling major requirements. Please check with your major advisor!


Economics Minor
Economics training provides skills that are useful in a variety of settings because economic issues are important in virtually every occupation. Economics students can find employment in business or in the public sector. Additionally, economics is considered an excellent foundation for advanced professional training in many fields such as law and business administration. 

Required Courses:              Prerequisites:
ECO     210                          MTH 110
ECO     211                          MTH 110

and a minimum of 15 hours of economics work chosen from ECO 300-499 *Junior Standing


Management Minor
The undergraduate management minor is open to all students except management majors. It is designed to provide students with a foundation in behavioral management, human resources and employment law, ethical and societal issues, and cultural diversity. Junior standing (55 credits) is a prerequisite for all six courses.  One of the paired courses may be used as an elective provided it is not also used for the required course. With the exception of MGT 331, students majoring in a business discipline must use courses that are not a part of the SCB business core.

Required Courses:               Prerequisites:
MGT    331*                          Junior standing
  *MGT 300 will not count in Management minor      
MGT    333 or 334                 MGT 331
MGT    438                           MGT 331
MGT    355 or 466                 Senior standing for MGT 466
MGT    300/400 level             Junior standing
MGT    300/400 level             Junior standing


Marketing Minor
The undergraduate marketing minor is an 18 credit hour program open to all students except marketing majors. The minor consists of five required courses and one elective. In addition to the five courses, students must complete one elective from 300 and 400 level courses in marketing (may not use MKT 490 or MKT 499 for this requirement). Students must achieve a cumulative 2.5 GPA in these courses to receive the marketing minor designation.

Required Courses:       Prerequisite:
MKT 350*                   Junior standing 
  *MKT 300 will not count in the Marketing Minor
MKT 351                     Junior standing, MKT 350
MKT 352                     Junior standing, STA 215, MKT 350
MKT 375                     Junior standing
MKT 451                     Senior standing, MKT 350
MKT 300/400               Junior standing


International Business Minor
The study of international business develops a student's ability to meet the challenges of the global business environment.  Students are trained to identify and develop solutions to problems that are unique to doing business internationally.  The International Business minor is open to all students with the exception of those with a major of General Business. Check prerequisites for these courses in the university catalog. Junior standing is a prerequisite for all 300-400 business and economics courses.

Required Courses:
ECO 210       Macroeconomics
MGT 303       Introduction to International Business

and three courses from the following group:
ACC 330       International Accounting
ECO 349       Emerging Markets Issues
FIN   429       International Financial Management
MGT  466      International Management and Multinational Corporations
ECO  365       Comparative Economic Systems
MKT  359       Multinational Marketing
ECO  369       International Economic Issues

and one course from the following group or a three-credit international internship:
GPY  235      World Regional Geography
PLS  211       International Relations
PLS  327       Politics of Developing Countries
EAS  201       East Asia and the Contemporary World
RST  225       Introduction to Russian Culture          
GPY  355      Geography of Southwest Asia (The Middle East)
PLS  282       Government and Politics of Russia and Eastern Europe
PLS  283       Government and Politics of China and Japan
GPY  350      Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors
PLS  221       Government and Politics of Western Europe
GPY  352      Geography of Latin America
FRE  225       Exploring France
LAS  210       Exploring Latin America
GER  225      Exploring Germany

Other courses in a variety of disciplines may be used to fulfill this group as approved by the advisor.  Students majoring in any business discipline or economics must select one additional cultures or international business course.

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