Welcome to the Seidman Management Program

What a Management Degree Offers
With a management degree, students learn how to think critically, examine business practices and make improvements, create sustainable business programs, act ethically as a global citizen, and shape a career as a respected business person. With courses in entrepreneurship, general management, general business, human resources management, operations management, supply chain management and information systems management (MIS), you will open the door to a world of business opportunities.


Student Learning Outcomes  Careers in Management

Degree programs combining core business philosophies with expertise in the field of management

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Management-oriented student organizations created to facilitate personal growth and social involvement

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Active on-campus recruitment for both internships and full-time positions

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Why Study Management at GVSU?

#GV Laker Effect - Zoe Bruyn

  • Highly engaged faculty who are committed to student success
  • On-campus recruitment by major corporations
  • A substantial internship recruiting process with more than 600 on-campus interviews annually

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