Welcome to the Seidman Marketing Program

What a Marketing Degree Offers

The essence of marketing is knowing what consumers want and finding ways to meet their needs. Your Marketing education will merge psychology, sociology, technology, anthropology and business principles to provide a solid understanding of how the world buys and sells. Marketing jobs are everywhere: nearly half the U.S. economy is involved in the marketing process. Gain a broad marketing education or get more specific with one of our emphasis programs.


Student Learning Outcomes Careers in Marketing

Degree programs combining core business philosophies with expertise in the field of marketing

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Marketing-oriented student organizations created to facilitate personal growth and social involvement

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Active on-campus recruitment for both internships and full-time positions

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Why Study Marketing at GVSU?

Antony Salazar Laker Effect video

  • Highly engaged faculty who are committed to student success
  • On-campus recruitment by major corporations
  • A substantial internship recruiting process with more than 600 on-campus interviews annually

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