Welcome to the Seidman Finance Program

What a Finance Degree Offers

With a finance degree, students will learn an understanding of financial definitions, concepts, relationships and strategies for both commercial and personal finance endeavors. Effective management of finance is critical to the successful management of any business. It is a very interesting and dynamic field that affects all areas of business and many areas of personal life, and companies and organizations all around the globe need competent, innovative financial experts. Seidman provides faculty and student access to WRDS, CRSP, Compustat, CapIQ and Eventus to support their finance-related research.


Student Learning Outcomes  Careers in Finance

Degree programs combining core business philosophies with expertise in the field of finance

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Finance-oriented student organizations were created to facilitate personal growth and social involvement

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Active on-campus recruitment for both internships and full-time positions

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Why Study Finance at GVSU?

Thuy Simpson video

  • Highly engaged faculty who are committed to student success
  • On-campus recruitment by major corporations
  • A substantial internship recruiting process with more than 600 on-campus interviews annually

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