Student Online Success

This page provides resources, tips and tools to help students succeed in a hybrid or online learning environment.


GVSU Resources

Resources useful to aid you in your online learning.

GVSU offers a wealth of resources available to help students succeed in both the online and face-to-face learning environment. We've created links to some of the most useful GVSU resources available to help with hybrid or online course success. 

Learning Habits

Best practices regarding learning habits for success in online courses.

It may not surprise you to learn that many of the SAME success tips you've used in a face-to-face class apply to a hybrid or online class. However, with an online class, you may find you need to self-motivate a bit more to stay engaged and you may have to increase your tech savvy a bit. Many people have the misconception that an online class is easier. In fact, while online classes can be more convenient, it's often not the case that they are an easier alternative to face-to-face classes. This section provides proven techniques for student success that you can apply to achieve online course success.

Students Collaborating with Computers

Technology. Make sure you have equipment that meets the minimum requirements for online/hybrid courses and that you have access to reliable internet service. Note the Technology Requirements button in the Technology section of this page for more guidance.

Workspace. Have a dedicated study space that is quiet and organized. Consider silencing your phone and logging out of social media or other distracting sites in order to help maintain focus.

Plan. Plan for success in your course by identifying your individual learning objectives mapped to the those of the course, and have a study plan so you know how you will use your time effectively. The rule of thumb for class time and homework is the same for both face-to-face and online classes. Expect to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours additional for each hour of class time. Therefore, in a 3-credit hour course you should expect to spend at least 6-9 hours per week to complete the readings, assignments and participate in class discussion. Include study breaks in your plan to ensure that you don't get burned out.

Engage. The way in which you engage in an online class may feel quite different from a face-to-face class. You'll be using some different tools designed to encourage regular interaction with your professor and your classmates. Engage fully in these tools such as discussion boards and virtual team projects. Make sure you ask for help as soon as questions or concerns arise so that you don't get behind. Remember that asking for help gives you an opportunity to engage with your professor and provides her/him with valuable feedback for the class.

Time Management Video

Prioritizing School Work

Power Study Hour

Stress Management (College Info Geek video)

(College Info Geek video)


Tips for use of technology in online learning.

GVSU's Learning Management System (LMS) is Blackboard. This section contains many commonly used Blackboard features. It's a good idea to get into Blackboard during the first week of the course to familiarize yourself with the course shell. Your instructor may utilize additional technologies specific to your course such as Zoom or YouTube Live.

Seidman Technology

Zoom - Joining a Meeting

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