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GVSU IT has many different resources to help students navigate the online world and enjoy technology at GVSU. 

Need IT Services?

Phone: (616) 331-2101

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Mary Idema Pew Library 010
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Top Student Applications

Gmail: Used for email communications for all current students.  This article addresses any issues with login. 

myBanner: Banner is a software system that supports the functions of student services, such as registration, admissions, advising, recruiting, and financial aid.

Blackboard: Students use Blackboard for coursework and communication. Additional resources and information about Blackboard can be found on this website. 

Zoom: Students may use Zoom for a variety of reasons including online courses, project work, and more. 
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Other Technology Services and Software for Students (Listed A-Z)

Active Learning Classrooms
Active learning classrooms provide a unique faculty and student experience as the spaces include flexible and movable furniture and technology to support them.

Atomic Object Technology Showcase and Makerspace 
The Atomic Object Technology Showcase, located in room 012 of the Atrium in the Mary Idema Pew Library, is designed to provide faculty, staff, and students with an immersive and engaging environment to discover how innovative emerging technologies can enhance teaching and improve student learning at GVSU.  The Makerspace is equipped with four Ultimaker 3D printers for use by current GVSU students, faculty, and staff, the Makerspace is a lab where you can design and create!

Blackboard, Blackboard Ally and Elearning Support
Information on Blackboard how-to, general questions, technical support, problems, login, and error message questions. 

Computer Lab Access
Students can access off-campus computer labs anywhere from a Mac or Windows computer. On campus, labs are available for student use across the university. Click this link to learn more and see the lab locations and hours. 

Cyber Safety
Lakers can learn more about how GVSU IT keeps us safe online at Discover more about phishing, password security, and how to avoid oversharing online. 

Device Registration: 
Wireless devices like smart TVs, gaming consoles, and smart home devices must be registered in order to connect to the GV-Gamenet WiFi. To learn how to register your device, visit If your device will be using a wired Internet connection, you will not need to register, just connect your device to an active port in your dorm via ethernet cable. 

Digital Creator Lab (DCL)
The DCL offers a variety of services on campus like video and in-person audio editing, equipment check-out, and Digital Skills Consultants to help with program, software, and technology questions! DCL is located on the 2nd floor of the Mary Idema Pew Library.

Handshake is a powerful online resource connecting GVSU students to top employers and career resources. Whether you are looking for an internship, a part-time job or to land in your first destination, Handshake can help!

Gartner Campus Access
Gartner provides students with  insight into current trends in technology, information technology management, business issues, organizations, strategy as well as
a global perspective on the IT industry.

  • Gather data to use in research papers and class presentations.
  • Research current technology trends in your area of study to give yourself an added advantage when you graduate.
  • Learn more about prospective employers.

Knowledge Base Articles
Search articles for information on a variety of topics including technology, housing and more. 

Password Assistance
Did you forget your password or need to reset it? Passwords can be updated online or by calling 616-331-2101. 

Printing services are available for students both on-campus and off-campus.  More information can be found on this website including print rules, purchasing pages and printing posters. 


Software Services
Lakers have access to numerous software services including Office 365, SPSS Educational options, and Qualtrics (web-based survey creation, collection, and analysis software tool.).

Surplus Store
The GVSU Surplus Store provides items that have reached the end of their shelf life for sale to the general public and creates an avenue for educating students in the field of business and sustainability practices.

Technology Lending
Current GVSU students, faculty, and staff can check out laptops or phone chargers with a GVSU ID from the IT Service Desk located in the Mary Idema Pew Library.

WiFi Connection: 
If you are having difficulties connecting to the GV-Student WiFi network, go to 


The X►STUDIO is designed to help Lakers explore, experience, and experiment with technology.  The X►STUDIO is located in room 311 of the Consumers Energy (John G Russell Leadership) building in downtown Grand Rapids.

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