Seidman NXT - Professional Transformational Programs

Ready to grow your career without the commitment of a degree-seeking program? The Seidman College of Business is proud to offer a non-credit programs, designed for busy professionals who want to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Energy, Climate, and Michigan Communities

A five-week course bringing you the latest insights in energy policy, renewable energy, business sustainability, community equity, and resilience.

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Leadership Transformation

This hands-on, integrated program is delivered by expert faculty. It integrates proven strategies, tools, and best practices to address organizational challenges and drive change within your organization. 

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Digital Transformation

This cutting-edge program, delivered by our top-notch faculty and industry experts, focuses on evolving manual or non-digital processes to the use of new, fast and frequently changing digital technology to solve problems. 

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Project Management

Project Management skills prepare someone to be able to plan a project as well as manage it successfully to completion. Work typically involves breaking the project down into component tasks, managing resources, setting and meeting deadlines, and measuring outcomes. Communication, leadership skills, team work and collaboration, project solving, and decision making are key skills. 

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Page last modified July 21, 2023