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Being a Laker for a Lifetime means we Stay Informed, we Get Involved, and we Give Back. That’s Laker Pride!
We invite you to help ensure that students who follow in your footsteps will have experiences such as you’ve had to learn, practice, and grow at Seidman College.

The suggested amount for the Seidman Senior Pledge is $120 paid in three annual payments of $40 each. It's as simple as clicking on the button below.

If you'd rather "pay it forward" as you like, customize your gift below by choosing an amount that works best for you. You can also alter the timing of your payments to be paid all at once or over selected months or years. When you continue to the next step, you're able to select different GVSU funds if you prefer. Whatever works for you, works for us! 

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Supports student professional development activities.

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Seidman Alumni Network

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The Seidman College of Business Alumni Network is an active and engaged group of undergraduate and graduate alumni who are committed to providing support and connections to fellow Lakers. Connect with us today!


Seidman Alumni Network 

Featured Alumni

Manfred Tatzmann '70 Spotlight

Manfred Tatzmann '70

The thrill of being on a new campus where Vietnam protests were as accepted as the traditional West Michigan values. Most important though is meeting my wife and developing lifelong friendships.

Kasey Codd '20 Spotlight

Kasey Codd '20

Being a transitions leader and on the Go Team was the best experience to welcome everyone back to campus (freshmen and TLs) in an exciting and fun way!

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