Online Learning Tips


  • Manage your time like you still have class in person
    • If you had a class on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10 - 10:50 a.m., keep blocking that time and use it to get work done and study materials
    • Do your best to keep a separation between study/homework time and free time
    • Try out this Weekly Time Management worksheet to set a schedule for yourself. This will provide structure and motivation!
  • Use Google Calendar/daily planners/sticky notes or any other organizing tool to make note of upcoming assignments and tests/exams
  • Keep track of questions you have on materials from your different class and email your professor and/or classmates for help
  • Try your best to find a place to consistently work on your classwork - this space may need to change
    • If you are used to working in the library or coffee shop, can you recreate this at home? Study in a comfy chair, turn on a fan or instrumental music for background noise
    • Practice the same strategies as before like putting your phone away and only having things open on your computer that you need to complete your work
  • Don’t Procrastinate
    • Get things done while you have the time!
    • Check out these tips, tools and technology to improve motivation
  • Make sure you know whether a test is timed and what the time restrictions are
  • Is a test only going to be open during a specific time range? Make sure to check your time zone (Central vs Eastern) so that you don’t miss it!
  • Read over questions carefully and make sure you answer the entire question!
  • Pay special attention to the resources you are allowed to use so you don’t commit academic dishonesty
  • Email your professors with specific questions about material you are struggling with
    • Being as specific as possible is helpful for your professor to assist you without having to exchange unnecessary emails
  • Use resources at GVSU
  • Collaborating with others will look a bit different, but is absolutely possible with the following platforms:

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