Course Registration

How to Register for Courses

You can register for classes online in a few quick steps:

1. Go to myBanner and login using your G# and password
2. Select the Student tab > Registration
3. Select 'Add or Drop Classes'

Course registration can also be done in person at any of our Student Assistance Centers (Allendale, Grand Rapids Pew Campus, Muskegon, Holland, or Traverse City).

How to Register for Classes

Check your myPath

All students are encouraged to discuss program choices with their advisor and review their myPath prior to registration.

myPath is a tool designed to assist students in preparing for and tracking their progress toward graduation. It encompasses both a degree analysis audit and an educational planner.

Visit our myPath site for details on how to take full advantage of this tool.

To check your degree progress using your myPath:

  • Login to myBanner,
  • Select the Student tab,
  • Select Student Records, then myPath.

myPath Login & Navigation

View this short video for instruction on how to login and navigate through your myPath

Finish Faster with 15 Credits

Block Rate

In these examples students averaging 30 credits per year would pay different amounts of tuition because Grand Valley offers the block rate. Rates are based on Fall 2017 tuition.

Grand Valley State University offers students the ability to take up to 15 credits for the same cost they would pay to take 12 credits, we refer to this as our "block rate".

When registering for courses it is important for students to consider how their schedule will impact their time to graduation and degree cost.

Students who earn 15 credits each semester will accumulate 120 credits and graduate in four years (there are a few exceptions). Other students will average 15 credits per semester and graduate in four years, but averaging 15 credits can dramatically impact your degree cost when compared to taking 15 credits each semester.

Students get the best value for their dollar when maximizing GVSU's block rate by taking 15 credits each semester.

Students who earn 15 credits per semester not only pay less in tuition, they are also more likely to graduate on time compared to those who take fewer credits. Additionally, students who remain on track to graduate in 4 years may be eligible for the Grand Finish Grant!

Students who earn at least...

Are how much more likely to graduate in 4 years

15 credits in their first term

26% more likely to graduate in 4 years

30 credits in their first year

162% more likely to graduate in 4 years

60 credits in their first 2 years

3 times as likely to graduate in 4 years

90 credits in their first 3 years

4 times as likely to graduate in 4 years

Prepare for a Grand Finish

The less time you spend in college, the less money you'll spend on your degree. Let Grand Valley State University help you have a Grand Finish!

Here is our promise. When you complete 90 GVSU credit hours within three years of initial enrollment, we'll pay you $1,000 over your next two semesters of study. It's our early graduation gift.

For more information and eligibility requirements visit

Page last modified April 24, 2018