About MI-ACE

The Michigan American Council on Education Women’s Network (MI-ACE) is the professional network for Michigan women in higher education. We work in concert with the ACE Office of Inclusive Excellence Group nationally to identify, develop, encourage, advance, link, and support (IDEALS) women in higher education.

The MI-ACE was formed in 1978, one year after the national program was inaugurated. Initially, a planning committee (now the Executive Board) was formed to represent all segments of higher education in the state, and a woman holding a senior-level administrative position was identified to lead the effort. A 16-member Executive Board, led by the State Chair, currently conducts the network’s activities along with Institutional Representatives.

MI-ACE is an award-winning network. The network was nationally recognized in 2005 by the ACE Office of Women in Higher Education and again in 2016 when it received the National ACE State Network Leadership Award for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education.

We are the voice of women in higher education in Michigan. We host a conference each year designed to advance and support women in higher education.

• Who are Institutional Representatives?

Presidents of member institutions appoint individuals to serve as Institutional Representatives to MI-ACE. This role provides an opportunity for women to exercise leadership on their campuses and to identify as well as develop emerging women faculty and staff leaders.

• What is the MI-ACE Conference all about? 

At the annual conference, women throughout Michigan learn new leadership strategies and network with other women in leadership positions. Through work on the Executive Board, women in Michigan assist in developing, promoting, supporting, and recognizing other women who are making a difference in higher education through official programming as well as formal and informal communications.

• Can I attend the MI-ACE Conference?

Yes, everyone is welcome to attend our annual conference.The focus is on women’s leadership. Our conference exemplifies the network’s goal to support professional development that is responsive to the leadership skills required for women’s success in the field of higher education.  **Note that the June 2020 conference has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

• How much does it cost to attend?  

We work hard to keep the price affordable for all to attend including students. Registration includes access to all sessions, breakfast and lunch each day you are registered, and unlimited networking opportunities with the best and brightest women in higher education.

• Are there scholarships to attend the MI-ACE Conference?  

Lynette Findley MI-ACE Women’s Network Conference Scholarship Fund (also known as) Annual Conference Scholarship Fund of the MI-ACE Women’s Network

The MI-ACE is committed to identifying, developing, advancing, and supporting women leaders in higher education throughout the state of Michigan. As such, the network recognizes that accessing funds for professional development is a potential limitation for some women in the state. To alleviate this financial burden, MI-ACE has created scholarships that provide supplemental funds to assist women in attending its annual conference.

• About the fund:

The fund is designed for women whose circumstances make attending the conference a personal hardship. Funding is prioritized for women who receive no institutional support (though the funding may be used to supplement limited professional development dollars based on the requests in a given year). This fund was created with a generous gift from Dr. Lynette Findley and is supported by the MI-ACE Women’s Network Board Members on an annual basis.

• Who can apply?

Any woman working in a Michigan higher education institution that holds current institutional membership in MI ACE may apply. Click here to see the current list of institutional members.

• What are the other benefits of attending?  

You will also have exposure to opportunities to serve as an Institutional Representative, gain insight into the Senior Level Leadership Program, Speakers and Consultants Bureau, the Gender Justice Consortium Program, the Public Policy Agenda initiatives and much more.

• How can I get more involved?

Women familiar with MI-ACE and seeking more involvement can

  • Volunteer to be an Institutional Representative (IR) for your college/university
  • Submit a presentation proposal for the annual conference
  • Participate in the MI-ACE Women of Color Collaborative
  • Volunteer to serve on a MI-ACE committee
  • Organize a professional development workshop or session on your campus under the MI-ACE name to recruit new members and build the network among women on your campus.
  • Submit to your president a draft nomination for a deserving woman leader on your campus as a possible nominee for the MI-ACE Distinguished Woman Leader Award.

Experienced MI-ACE Executive Board Members can

  • Expand your leadership role at the state and national levels; ask the board to nominate you as the State Chair
  • Volunteer to serve on the MI-ACE Speakers and Consultants Bureau.

ACE National Directory

Click to be connected to ACE nationally. The Inclusive Excellence site has links to the Inclusive Excellence Group; resources about leadership for women nationally; job opportunities in the state; professional development opportunities; and the State Coordinator, Executive Board, and institutional representatives

Click here for a U.S. directory of ACE state coordinators, presidential sponsors and executive council liaisons (pdf).


The Michigan ACE Women’s Network is proud to partner with state and national organizations that share similar missions and values.

American Association of University Women

Michigan Women’s Commission

Style Guide

The Michigan ACE Women’s Network operates many programs and initiatives. The purpose of the Michigan ACE Women’s Network Style Guide is to help create a consistent identity for the network. The use of consistent text and graphic standards will strengthen the network’s communications with its constituents.

Historical Records

Early reports and records of the Michigan ACE Women’s Network are located at Michigan State University’s library archives.

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