Levels of Engagement

Opportunities for You to Get Involved

Higher education faculty and staff members should:

  • Attend the MI-ACE annual two-day conference.
  • Attend the MI-ACE annual conference dinner.
  • Attend the MI-ACE Women of Color Fall Networking Luncheon Volunteer to serve on a MI-ACE committee.

College students should attend:

  • Young Women Strong Leaders (YWSL) conference

Women Familiar with MI-ACE and Seeking More Involvement:

  • Volunteer to be an Institutional Representative (IR) for your college/university Submit a presentation proposal for the annual conference.
  • Participate in the MI-ACE Women of Color Collaborative.
  • Volunteer to serve on a MI-ACE committee.
  • Organize a professional development workshop or session on your campus under the MI-ACE name to recruit new members and build the network among women on your campus.
  • Submit to your president a draft nomination for a deserving woman leader on your campus as a possible nominee for the MI-ACE Distinguished Woman Leader Award.

Experienced MI-ACE Executive Board Member:

  • If you want to expand your leadership role at the state and national levels, ask the board to nominate you as the State Chair.
  • Volunteer to serve on the MI-ACE Speakers and Consultants Bureau.

There is a place for YOU in the MI-ACE Women's Network

Please contact Martha with the Professional Development Committee: [email protected]

Page last modified February 24, 2022