Public Policy IR Guide

MI-ACE Public Policy on Your Campus:

A Start-up Guide for Institutional Representatives (IRs)

A primary goal of the MI-ACE Women’s Network is to facilitate an understanding of and to create the opportunity for dialogue about public policy as it impacts our campuses and communities. Through a roundtable with Institutional Representatives (IRs) in 2021 and IR interviews in 2023, we learned that IRs would welcome further guidance on their role in relation to MI-ACE’s public policy goals and priorities.

In response, the MI-ACE Public Policy Committee has prepared a guide to help IRs across Michigan better understand how they may be able to fulfill this role and to participate in educating about, informing about, and supporting the 2022-25 MI-ACE Public Policy Priorities and other campus priorities.

Further resources to help IRs learn more about public policy and how to advocate in this realm will be posted throughout the coming months, so be sure to keep your eye on this site.

Link to the guide:  MI-ACE Women's Network Public Policy Guide for IRs

Page last modified April 6, 2023