2022-25 Public Policy Priorities

2022-2025 MI-ACE Public Policy Priorities: Background

As the Voice for Women in Michigan Higher Education, it has been a long-standing practice of the MI-ACE Women’s Network to ask members to prioritize public policy issues that align with its mission.

A survey was distributed in August 2022, requesting that respondents rank the public policy issues they felt needed the attention, priority, voice, and visibility of the MI-ACE Women’s Network.  

Over 120 responses were received.  Most respondents were affiliated with MI-ACE as annual conference attendees, committee members, persons working at member institutions, Institutional Representatives, and MI-ACE Executive Board members.

The following three priorities received the most votes and were approved by the MI-ACE Executive Board for adoption in 2022-2025:

2022-2025 MI-ACE Public Policy Priorities

Overarching the public policy priorities listed below is that the MI-ACE Women’s Network supports gender equity and equality.  Also, the Network understands that local, state, and national public policies will set the tone for institutional change.

  • Pay Equity for women at all levels of positions
    • Equal access at entry positions
    • Equal pay to fill existing wage gaps
  • Work/Life Integration
    • Expand family leave policies
    • Access to affordable childcare
    • Paid family leave
  • Funding and access for efforts to understand and respond to mental health challenges and prevent violence that affects campus communities, particularly in underserved areas.  Advocate for:
    • Mental health education, services, and best practices to prevent and address anxiety, depression, suicide, and substance abuse 
    • Gun violence protection laws that safeguard communities, including higher education campuses
    • Reinforced gun violence prevention and response training for law enforcement, faculty, staff, and students


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