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The Michigan American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network works in concert with the ACE Office of Inclusive Excellence Group (formerly the ACE Office of Women in Higher Education) nationally to identify, develop, encourage, advance, link and support women in higher education. The Michigan ACE Women’s Network was established in 1978, and recognized nationally in 2005 by the ACE OWHE. The network has 43 members that include public and private, two-year and four-year colleges and universities. A volunteer executive board, led by a state coordinator, serves the network, working with campus  Institutional Representatives to provide an annual conference and specific programs and resources to meet the needs of Michigan’s member institutions and their faculty and staff members.

Why graphic standards are important

The Michigan ACE Women’s Network operates many programs and initiatives. The purpose of this brief guide is to help create a consistent identity for the network. The use of consistent text and graphic standards will strengthen the network’s communications with its constituents.

Name usage

  • On first reference: Michigan American Council on Education (ACE) Women’s Network
  • Subsequent references: Michigan ACE Women’s Network; MI ACE Women’s Network, and MI ACE are also acceptable

Network initiatives

The network hosts many programs, workshops, awards and events. Communication about these events and from committee members should reflect the network’s standards, and brochures and publications about these programs should include a reference to Michigan ACE Women’s Network.

  • Distinguished Woman In Higher Education Award: established in 2001 and presented annually by MI ACE at the annual conference. It is the highest honor the MI ACE presents; the award recognizes the contributions of women in their institutions, professions and society.
  • Institutional Representatives: these women are nominated by their member institutional president to serve as a liaison between MI-ACE and their campus. IRs attend an IR institute, the annual conference and other network events and submit an annual report to the network. When working on their campuses, their communications should reflect MI ACE standards.    
  • Outstanding Institutional Representative (IR) Award: established in 2015 and presented annually by the network at the annual conference. The award recognizes an IR or co-IRs for developing, encouraging, advancing, linking, and supporting women on their campus as outlined in the “MI ACE Women’s Network Role of the Institutional Representative.”
  • Professional Development: this committee oversees opportunities for professional development for the network, including the upcoming Speakers Bureau and Job Shadowing Program.
  • Public Policy: the Public Policy committee collaborates with other state partners on Equal Pay Day in April, and hosts the legislative dinner at the annual conference. In 2013, the committee instituted recognition for public policy pioneers, honoring Michigan women who have advanced public policy at the state or national levels.
  • Ready to Run Michigan: a nonpartisan training program for women who want to run for office, work on a campaign, get appointed to office, or learn more about the political system. This is a collaborative program with Grand Valley State University and a host institution (must be network member).
  • Women’s Center Consortium: an inaugural meeting was held in 2015 of women’s center directors, women and gender studies directors, and others committed to gender justice.
  • Women of Color Collaborative: established in 2011 by MI ACE with a goal to convene women of color from MI ACE institutions to explore ideas of how to offer support using the structure and sponsorship of the network. Annual luncheons are held and one day of the annual conference is planned by the WOCC committee.
  • Young Women Strong Leaders: an annual professional development conference for college-age women. This is a collaborative program with Michigan Women’s Commission, Michigan State University Women’s Resource Center, and host institutions.

Logo usage

ACE introduced a new logo for the ACE Women’s Network in 2012. ACE introduced a modified version of the new logo that each state network may use (and adapt accordingly) to denote that they are part of the larger network. The MI ACE logo should not be distorted to fit into your publication. Please email Sue Spears, [email protected], for help in keeping the logo’s look consistent and professional. The logo should only be used with permission from MI ACE. IRs can contact IR Committee Chairs for permission to use logo to promote MI ACE events on their campuses.

MI ACE Women's Network

Font: Calluna Sans Bold

Color: Green: C-80% M-50% Y-70 K-0%

Size: 28 pt

State name:

Font: Georgia bold 20 pt. Color: Green: C-80% M-50% Y-70 K-0% Kerning, Expand to 2 pt.

Social media

All brochures, letters, publications, etc. should include the website address — — and, if possible, the website for Facebook page -

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