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Meet Kate Coveney, this year's Outstanding Graduate

Growing up on an Indiana lake, Kate Coveney grew to love the outdoors at an early age. That love led her to Grand Valley, where she has studied mathematics and its applications to climate science. Read more about Kate

Two math students spend a semester in Budapest

Grand Valley math majors Hannah Anderson and Alexis Johnson spent last fall studying mathematics in the Budapest Semester in Mathematics program. Read more about Hannah and Alexis

Capstone class visits New York's Museum of Math

Char Beckmann and five MTH 496 students rode a tricycle with square wheels and sat in a hyperboloid chair at the newly opened Museum of Math. Read more about the Museum of Math

Ed Aboufadel moving on to new challenges after six years as unit head

After two terms as unit head, Ed Aboufadel reflects on the changes that he has overseen while looking ahead to new challenges. Read more about Ed

Students honored for their outstanding achievements

The mathematics department gathered on April 12 to celebrate the many accomplishments of its students. Read more about these awards

Math department welcomes two new faculty members

Hope Gerson and Jon Hasenbank arrived in the math department this fall bringing years of experience and a passion for teaching. Read more about Hope and Jon


Several new textbooks written by math faculty

Grand Valley mathematics faculty have a long history of writing textbooks. In the past five years, there have been several notable additions. Read more about these textbooks

Largest known prime number recently discovered

After an intensive computation, mathematicians have declared that 257885161- 1 is the largest known prime number. Read more about the largest prime number

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