In this sixth annual edition of the alumni newsletter, we are proud to share news of accomplishments of GVSU mathematics students, alumni, and faculty, as well as to offer a closer look at some of the many people who make the department an enjoyable place to teach and learn. 

Current students are engaged in exciting activities, such as mathematics competitions, research experience for undergraduates, mathematics conferences, and study abroad programs. In addition to gaining recognition from within the university, some of these students have been further honored with external awards and scholarships. Our alumni continue to find success in a wide range of endeavors in education, industry, and academia. And, as evidenced by this article, department faculty are being regularly recognized for excellence in their work, especially in teaching. The department at large has also been busy with a wide range of endeavors such as hosting the annual Math in Action conference, a sequence of public lectures titled "The Art of Mathematics," and Family Math Nights in area elementary schools. More information about these and other activities can be found on the mathematics home page

With this newsletter, we invite you to read on to learn more about what has been happening in GVSU mathematics. We especially appreciate hearing from alumni about their achievements and lives following graduation; we warmly encourage our current and former students to stay in touch. 


David Austin (austind at gvsu dot edu)

Matt Boelkins (boelkinm at gvsu dot edu)

Reva Kasman

Mathematics Faculty Recognized with Awards

Several department faculty were recognized this year for outstanding work in the classroom, service to professional organizations, and career-long achievements. Read more about their recognition.

Mathematics Department Welcomes New Faculty

Join us in welcoming new faculty Feryal Alayont and Marcia Frobish. Read more about Feryal and Marcia. 

New Website Shows Possibilities for Careers in Mathematics

The American Mathematical Society (AMS) has started the Early Career Profile Network in order to assist students in getting jobs after college. Read more about AMS.

Anyone for a game of checkers?

Check out this puzzle involving a checkerboard that extends infinitely far above and to the right. Can you arrange the checkers in a certain way? Read more about this puzzle. 

Matthew Stamps Named Department's Outstanding Graduate

Matthew Stamps is this year's outstanding graduate, and as a tutor, SLA Facilitator, and study abroad student, he has proven he more than deserves that title. Read more about Matthew.

Mathematics Department Honors Students

On Friday, April 13, the department will be honoring many of its most notable students at the annual awards banquet. Read more about these honors.

REU Students Capture Prizes

Several students participating in Grand Valley's Research Experience for Undergraduates obtained awards. Read more about the Research Experience.

Students and Faculty Enjoy International Study Programs

Gerard Kwiatkowski, Emily Jacoby, and Professor Marge Friar all benefited from study abroad opportunities this past year. Read more about Gerald, Emily, and Professor Friar.

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