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Reva Kasman

Greetings from Department Chair Steven Schlicker

Department chair Steven Schlicker discusses faculty news, program news, and other exciting developments going on within the math department. Read more about Steven.

Meet our five new faculty members

Steve Blair, Manish Chakrabarti, Shelly Smith, Sailakshmi Srinivasan, and Matt Wyneken are the five new faces that have proved to be great additions to the math department. Read more about them here. 

Family Math Night is a good way for students to get involved in the community

Imagine elementary age children and their parents together engaged in creative mathematical activities helped out by Grand Valley students and faculty in a fun atmosphere. Now you've got the idea of Family Math Night. Read more about Family Math Night.

Faculty News and Awards

Kristina Lund is this year's outstanding graduate

Kris Lund wasn't always a math major, but her decision to switch majors ultimately earned her the title of Outstanding Graduate. Read more about Kris.

Outstanding Students Honored

On Friday, April 1, the department welcomes its most impressive students and their families to the annual awards banquet at the Alumni House. Read more about the awards banquet.

Get to know faculty members Esther Billings and Gene Dornbush

With Esther Billings leaving to take a sabbatical and Gene Dornbush retiring at the end of the year, it is time to get to know these outstanding math faculty. Read more about Esther and Gene here. 

Get to know alumnus Wendy Hahn

Wendy Hahn has utilized her mathematics major and engineering minor to gain a career in flight management systems in Grand Rapids. Read more about Wendy.

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