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Higher Standards: From GVSU Mathematics to Meijer

Alumnus Matt Villarreal uses persistence and efficiency, along with a degree in mathematics, to tackle complex problems for Meijer. Read more about Matt Villarreal.

Students Attend Conference for Undergraduate Women

Alexis Johnson and Drake Parker learned about a wide range of opportunities while attending a conference for undergraduate women in mathematics. Read more about Alexis Johnson.

Meet Cliff Taylor, this year's Outstanding Graduate

Cliff Taylor followed a family connection to Grand Valley where he expected to major in engineering. Four years later, he is the math department's Outstanding Graduate. Read more about Cliff Taylor.

Students honored for their outstanding achievements

The mathematics department gathered on April 16 to recognize its top students with awards and scholarships. Read more about the Mathematics Department.


Grand Valley's REU program celebrates its tenth year

Mentoring 72 students in its first nine years, the math department's REU program has earned a national reputation for promoting excellence in undergraduate mathematics research. Read more about the REU program.

Ruth Meyering brings years of experience back to Grand Valley

After twelve years teaching middle school and high school mathematics, Ruth Meyering rejoined the GVSU faculty this year as an affiliate faculty member. Read more about Ruth Meyering.

Grand Valley's math department welcomes three new faculty members

Brian Drake, Firas Hindeleh, and Darren Parker joined the mathematics department this year bringing a wealth of experience. Read more about Brian, Firas, and Darren.

Math faculty travel the world

Three faculty members made exciting journeys to Africa and Asia, experiencing new perspectives and learning many things about educational opportunities around the globe. Read more about their experiences.

Filling the hyperbolic plane with triangles

For his capstone project, our outstanding graduate Cliff Taylor created many beautiful illustrations of tessellations of the hyperbolic plane. Read more about this story.

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