WRT 150 Goals

Achieving WRT 150 Goals in Honors Courses

Tunstall classroom

During the fall semester of a first-year sequence, all Honors faculty should:

  • Build a writing process into the course design so that students are writing at least two drafts of at least one essay/assignment, integrating feedback from the instructor(s) through the revision process.
  • Use grading guidelines or a rubric for written work that emphasize foundational writing skills (organization, idea development, sentence fluency, etc.) in addition to specific assignment guidelines, so that the instructor is offering feedback/assessment on the quality/structure of the writing.
  • Provide direct instruction in conducting academic research, library resources, citation practices, etc., to cover the information literacy component of WRT 150.

We also encourage faculty to integrate writing consultants into the sequence somehow, in order to facilitate all three of the guidelines above.

Other resources:

  • For the general characteristics of A, B, C, and D portfolios in WRT 150, click here.
  • For the most recent GE rubric for written communication, click here.


Page last modified August 12, 2019