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Riley Hagen

Riley Hagen

Can you talk about your professors in this course?

Both Professor Adams and Professor Eick were amazing Professors. They made a hybrid class fruitful and engaging, and genuinely sparked my interest in topics that I had never really thought of before. Both come from different areas of study, but they each brought their own takes and ideas to the class that really would make you think. Professor Adams managed to instill an appreciation for art that I lacked before taking this sequence, and I still use the skills I learned from her for examining art to this day. Professor Eick forced us to get outside our comfort zones and try our hand at reading books that I believe many of my classmates and I never would have read on our own. By doing so, I think Eick managed to raise my reading comprehension higher than it ever was before, and old English doesn’t necessarily scare me as it did before taking Dangerous Ideas.

Looking back, I still think I have learned the most from this course compared to my other college courses. Professor Adams and Eick do a great job of stimulating class discussions and truly encourage everyone to share their ideas. 

What has been your favorite part of this class?

My favorite part of this class was the RTTP games. These games are completely different from anything else I have done at college. These games put you into the shoes of different people throughout key events in history. I took on the roles of Lebreton and Jan Scruggs for the two games we played throughout the year. The RTTP games forced me to expand my knowledge and do research outside of the classroom for the sake of winning. Since I was learning because I wanted to, and not because I was forced or felt obligated to, I think I learned the most. These games were based around topics many of us didn’t know much about, and so at first glance, I didn’t think I would enjoy them nearly as much as I did. Dangerous Ideas made class fun, and the times when we were playing RTTP games were truly some of my favorite in-class moments in college.

How has this class helped you in your other classes/ future career?

Coming into college, I was uncomfortable with public speaking. Being a finance and supply chain management student, discussions in front of groups were going to happen frequently, and I had to be ready for that. By creating a classroom environment where everyone felt comfortable enough to speak their mind, I found myself openly discussing topics in Dangerous Ideas that I never thought I would discuss before. This class helped me develop my public speaking skills, and I have been able to apply these skills to other events both inside and outside of the classroom.  

What is your biggest takeaway from your sequence?

Dangerous Ideas was a classroom experience that I have never had before, both in high school and college. As someone who really enjoys analytics and data, and not so much the fine arts, it really forced me to grow in these areas, and I believe I am a better person because of it. This course really pushed me to think about more than just the what, but rather the why, and every time someone would bring up a new idea in class, I would find myself nodding my head in agreement and thinking “I never would have thought of that.” This course really opened my eyes to an area of education that I never thought I would enjoy, and I am incredibly grateful to both Professor Adams and Eick for growing me both professionally and culturally.

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