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Hailey Bos

Hailey Bos

Can you talk about your professors in this course?

Coeli Fitzpatrick, Chair of the Honors Faculty and Professor of Philosophy, Gary Greer, Faculty-in-Residence in Honors and Professor of Biology, and Melba Vélez-Ortiz, Professor of Communications in Honors, are all amazing people. Their contrasting personalities mesh perfectly in order to create an engaging learning environment. Each professor has a different teaching style, varying from facilitated conversations with students and expansive lectures, to breaking out into song, mid-teaching, from time to time. While the professors are a lot of fun and care so much about the students in this class, expect to be pushed to your limits because they want you to get the most out of taking this sequence.

What has been your favorite part of this class?

As learning from these three professors in the classroom had its perks, my favorite part of this sequence was going on a field trip to a Puerto Rican restaurant called Ricón Criollo. During this experience, I got to connect with the professors, strengthening that student-to-professor relationship, and other classmates outside the walls of the more professional classroom environment. I cherished being immersed within Professor Vélez-Ortiz’s culture; it was an adventure I will never forget.

How has this class helped you in your other classes/ future career?

This class quickly equipped me with the skills necessary to thrive as a freshman student entering college. Not only did I gain a wealth of critical information about biology, philosophy, and communication, but I learned how to manage my time (in regards to the homework load outside of class), work well with other students, have meaningful discussions in class, and develop better presentation abilities. Above all, this sequence truly taught me how to make my own meaning in life – from both a cognitive and philosophical perspective – in order to become a better person.

What is your biggest takeaway from your sequence?

I think the biggest takeaway from this course is this life lesson: to experience the time you have in college to the fullest. As an Honors Student, Dr. Greer, Dr. Fitzpatrick, and Dr. Vélez-Ortiz all recognize that we dedicate so much time to learning, studying, and getting the highest achievable grade. But aside from that, each Professor reiterated the importance of caring for individual mental health, spending time with friends, and the significance of making your own life meaningful. With that being said, I am leaving this class with a highly respected opinion of the Honors Faculty and a greater value of the college experience as a whole.

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