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Riley Klumb

Riley Klumb

Riley Klumb:  For HNR 200, I submitted my three club leadership positions: one for each credit hour. I work as the vice president of the Tabletop Gaming Club, the communications officer of the In the Margins Poetry Club, and the head moderator for the Grand Valley Film Academy. The reason I think that these positions work for my fulfillment of the class is their inherit connection to the lifeblood of our community. I’m able to raise up students for their hard work, and at the same time give them a chance to relax in welcoming environments that fit their needs. With these abilities I am able to stay in touch with what students want and how I can help them in fields that have surprisingly little overlap, allowing for a more diverse understanding of our school’s communities.


Part of what makes HNR 200 an integral part of the Honors curriculum is its ability to push students to help their communities in whatever way they can. In this way I would consider my choice of clubs and positions to be ideal. As head moderator, I’m able to help film students gain a foothold in the industry with awards already under their belt. As part of our LGBTQA+ poetry club, I’m able to help students with finding their identity through writing. Finally, as the vice president, my job at the gaming club is to curb any disagreements between the students and create a welcoming environment for everyone.


While helping my communities prosper, I have come to know a great number of people from many differing backgrounds. For any incoming Honors student, I recommend with all my heart to bring club positions to the table as your HNR 200 focus.

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