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Hannah Hosfelt

Hannah Hosfelt

Hannah Hosfelt: I am a sophomore in the Honors College this year. Fall 2021 was my second semester in HNR 200. For my activity, I hold the E-board position of president in a club called GV GrooVe! It is an auditioned co-ed A Cappella group on campus.

This position satisfies the goals of HNR 200 in many ways, but primarily the goal of building on leadership skills. For example, as president I plan, schedule, and run auditions, rehearsals, concerts, and gigs. I also facilitate all communication within the group and with other groups on campus, as well as with potential clients. Finally, I oversee a five-person E-board that helps keep our group running smoothly. I have learned so much about how to effectively manage a group, as well as my own emotions. I learned how to put my own anxiety aside and break down the overwhelming amount of work into sizeable chunks. I also figured out how to delegate and trust the process, and stumbled upon the idea that not everything has to be done alone. This position and the HNR 200 class have helped me to recognize skills that I will be able to utilize for the rest of my life.

I highly suggest considering holding an E-board position to satisfy your HNR 200 credit because you get to do something you love and gain credit for it! It also is an incredibly valuable experience that teaches professionalism and management.

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