Honors Student Initiatives

Honors students have started a number of initiatives--see the links below for more information.


ANCHOR consists of Alumni, Niemeyer, Calder, Hills, and Honors Residents. Anyone who fits into at least one of these categories is encouraged to join and become involved with what goes on in our community.





Challenging Heights GVSU

Challenging Heights GVSU (CH: GVSU) is an Honors initiative registered as a student organization and non-profit 501(c)3. In collaboration with Challenging Heights, based in Winneba, Ghana, CH:GVSU became the first university extension of Challenging Heights in 2012.



The After Hours Club

The After Hours Club is a service learning club working with students from Gerald R. Ford Job Corps as well as nearby schools. We offer one-on-one contact hours with students, which is something most schools can't do. The club provides students individualized help that is difficult to receive in most educational experiences. The club will also arrange for authors to come speak to the kids, and would publish the student's pieces every semester in a literary magazine for them to keep! For more information about this club, please contact Paige Pierog by email at pierogp@mail.gvsu.edu.


Your Naked Health

Your Naked Health is a blog started by Carrie Deveney for her Honors Senior Project. The blog encourages those struggling with health to begin their journey with insight from Carrie's personal experience and research. She hopes to strip away the fads, the should’s, the shouldn’ts, the have to’s, and the need to’s and help others find their own naked health.

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