About the Program

What Honors Means

These short videos feature Honors faculty and students talking about what Honors means to them.

The Honors Experience

Two recent graduates reflect on their experience in the Frederik Meijer Honors College.

December 2020 graduate Grace Branding

December 2020 graduate Lukila Witthoeft

Honors Life

In the first video, current students talk about living in our Niemeyer Learning & Living Center. The second video offers a quick look at our Honors Life Night event in fall 2019.

Honors housing

Honors Life Night 2019

The Honors Curriculum

The first video here provides a general overview of the Honors curriculum and how it fits into the larger baccalaureate curriculum at GVSU. The second video focuses on our first-year sequences: what they are, and how they work.

Director Gilles on the Honors curriculum

Faculty Chair Fitzpatrick on the first-year sequences

Thriving in Honors

These videos focus on doing well academically, mentally, and socially in Honors, first by taking care of yourself and taking advantage of the many support services we offer, and second by getting involved--at a reasonable pace--in Honors and around campus.

Challenge and Support

Advisors Marshall and McDonell on maintaining a mental health balance in Honors

Getting Involved

Current students on how they got involved

Spotlight Videos

These videos are available elsewhere on the Honors page or GVSU website, but because they feature Honors students and an Honors faculty member, we want to share them here. Check them out to see members of the Honors community reflect on their experiences.

Honors student Selena Brown

Professor Craig Benjamin

Honors student Christa Fernando

Honors student Eric-John Szczepaniak