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Description: Yoobly provides world-class multi level marketing software and training that provides network marketers with the tools they need to effectively grow their business. Established in 2007, we essentially aim to bridge the gap between network and online marketing by teaching our customers how to get more more leads, how to grow their team, how to automate their sales funnel and so much more. We’re passionate about delivering real results to our customers and for this reason are renowned for our teaching tools, mutificated software and superior customer service.

This year, we’re excited to announce the start of our business scholarship program. Designed to reward students with an aptitude for business and marketing, we welcome all students to apply.

Eligibility: We welcome all students studying in the United States and Canada to apply. However, students who demonstrate a passion for learning AND study a Marketing, Commerce, Business or I.T course/degree will be favored.

Website:  http://www.yoobly.com/scholarships

Contact Information:  scholarships@yoobly.com

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This is an outside scholarship. Grand Valley State University does not have affiliation with this scholarship agency and does not take part in the selection of the scholarship. Please remember that GVSU does not endorse any specific web site nor is GVSU responsible for the content on the various web sites. We are simply providing these links as a courtesy to you.

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Application Deadline:
December 31, 2018

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Area of Interest:
Business General
Computer Science
Information Systems