Terms and Conditions of Your Award

Grand Valley State University's Financial Aid Office makes every effort to provide timely and accurate information in your award notification. The University also reserves the right to change without notice any award due to federal, state or University changes in policies, procedures or regulations.

In accepting your financial aid award offer, you are stating that you have met and will continue to meet all the following conditions of acceptance set by federal regulations and Grand Valley policies:

  • The information submitted on your aid application is correct and complete.

  • You will notify Grand Valley's Financial Aid Office (FAO) if you receive assistance not originally on your award notification (i.e. an outside scholarship). A reduction of other aid may be necessary even if funds have already been disbursed.

  • You will use the financial aid awarded to you only for payment of tuition, books, housing costs, transportation, and other related educational expenses.

  • You agree that financial aid awarded to you may be used as a credit toward payment of all tuition, fees, room, board, and all other charges that may be due or past due on your student account.

  • You will maintain sufficient academic progress toward your degree according to the policy of the GVSU Financial Aid Office.

  • You will maintain the minimum credit hour(s) that you have registered for after 100% refund each semester. Your award will be based on full time attendance and will be adjusted after the 100% tuition refund period each semester. If you drop below the number of credit hours upon which your award was based or withdraw completely from your courses, you may be expected to repay all or part of your award.

  • You will notify the Financial Aid Office if you do not plan to enroll in a semester for which you have been awarded aid.

  • You are not in default on educational loans and do not owe a refund for any federal funds received at GVSU or elsewhere.

  • You must meet all the requirements regarding registering for selective service, citizenship status, and drug conviction status.

  • You will respond promptly to any requests for additional information. Failure to do so may result in you being billed for a portion or all of the aid disbursed to you or will delay additional disbursements.

  • You will immediately notify the GVSU Registrar's Office if you withdraw from the university. You may be billed for part or all of your financial aid. The bill will depend on the date of your withdrawal and the percentage and amount of institutional refund to be received.

  • You agree to repay to GVSU any financial aid funds disbursed to you in error. If a mistake was made, whether by you, GVSU, or another, agency federal regulations require that the mistake be corrected and funds be billed back as necessary.

Page last modified October 10, 2017