10 Effective Practices for Digital Teaching

Tip 10: Plan a Closing and Wrap-up Activity for your Course

Starting the course on a positive note and ending the semester strong are equally important.  We all know that online students are juggling academics, their personal life, and work obligations. So, by the end of the semester they are often tired, stressed, and sometimes overwhelmed.

Photo: Female sprinter running on athletic track nearing the finish line by Jacob Lund from Noun Project

How do you do this?

  • Take the time to share five things you’ll remember about your course and one thing about teaching you’ve learned from these students, and be sure to share those positive reflections with your students. Post as an Announcement or send as Email to the students to share with them your reflections. 
  • Ask your students to reflect upon their learning throughout the semester in an anonymous Blackboard survey, a private Blackboard Journal entry or Google form. 
  • While it’s still fresh in your mind, make notes on things you will change next time you teach the course. You can even create a folder or items in your Blackboard site that are hidden from students as reminders for yourself. 
  • Ask yourself… How did your relationship with your course begin, evolve and end? What was new, different and exciting about the content? Did you teach well? Did students learn what you set out for them to learn? If you could change one thing about your teaching and their learning next semester, what would it be?

Page last modified November 11, 2020